Last week I was driving down Lincoln behind a car (not the one pictured here) with plates that read “SF Surf”. When I went to take a picture, the driver of the car gave me a shake of the Shaka sign. The light changed and I didn’t end up getting the picture but smiled for a few blocks anyway.

I’ve seen a few tweets about this New York Times slide show on the Outer Sunset by Rachel Levin. I’m not a Sunset native so I don’t have too much opinion on whether the Outer Sunset was  a ” bleak neighborhood” before but I’d sure love to know what the driver of this car (pictured above) with the San Francisco native sticker thinks about it or what you think. I’d like to think s/he would give a shake of the Shaka sign in Levin’s direction and then spend a day enjoying this hood as she suggested by heading out to Trouble for a coconut and cinnamon toast, grabbing some lunch at Outerlands, and then heading over to Woodshop to see what new treasures they have. Of course s/he would probably then finish the day by meeting some friends at the Riptide for a drink. It sounds pretty nice to me but I think s/he would probably do some surfing/spend some time at the beach during that day too.

How about you? What would your perfect day in the Sunset look like?

UPDATE: OB Bulletin just tweeted that the photos in the slide show are from local photog Lianne Milton. You ‘ll definitely want to go here to see the photos that didn’t make the NYT slide show. Make sure you check out the rest of Milton’s blog while you’re at it.

UPDATE 2: Mission Mission just posted about the NYT slide show too. See it here.