FunCheapSF has an article today about Yahoo turning Muni shelters around the city into giant games. The “around the city” apparently means limited to SOMA, the Financial District, Union Square, Nob Hill, and the Marina. According to FunCheapSF you can choose to represent your neighborhood but for Sunset neighbors that means you have to go downtown to do it.

We think that instead of having shelters at 4th St and Market St and then only a block away at 4th and Mission St, that there could be at least one of these converted Muni shelters in the Sunset. So we’ve compiled a list for Yahoo of possible shelter locations in the Sunset that would be great as big touch screen games:

9th Ave and Irving St

19th Ave and Irving St

46th Ave and Judah St

19th Ave and Taraval St

45th Ave and Taraval St

29th Ave and Noriega St

46th and Noriega St

We’re sure that they could convert even just one of these shelters. In the meantime, make sure when you’re downtown you stop and play for the Sunset. Click on the map below to see where to play. We know there are some venues in the neighborhood that would love to host a free concert with OK Go.

(Map via Yahoo Map)

UPDATE: The N-Judah Chronicles posted this about Yahoo’s Bus Stop Derby and the Sunset. BRING IT TO THE SUNSET!

*If there something else that you’d like to see in the Sunset let us know and we’ll post it.*


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