As everyone is recuperating from Thanksgiving dinner, whether you had turkey or thai from Marni Thai (that’s right Sunsetters we saw you leaving Marni Thai with big bags of food just before dinner time), we know that for some of you, you are only thinking one of two things, either, “How am I going to avoid all the Black Friday madness tomorrow?” or “What’s my game plan for finding tomorrow’s best deals?” What we wanted to know is which retail stores in the Sunset will be open for Black Friday. Today we took a stroll around the neighborhood to check it out. The list below shows the Sunset retailers who had some sort of signage showing that they will be open tomorrow.  We’re sure we missed a bunch of stores and will be updating through tomorrow evening so if you know of Sunset retailers that will be open tomorrow that we missed you can e-mail us at or you can tweet them with the hashtag #SunsetsBlackFriday and we’ll ad them to the list.

Irving Street Retailers

Discount Fabrics (between 24th and 25th)

MV Trading Company (between 24th and 25th)

Yes Variety (between 24th and 25th)

Easy Money (between 24th and 25th)

Win Long Hardware (between 23rd and 24th)

Irving Housewares and Restaurant Supplies (between 23rd and 24th)

S & V Collections (between 23rd and 24th)

Wallgreens (between 20th and 21st)

Pure Beauty (between 8th and 9th)

Radio Shack (between 9th and 10th)

Nomad Cyclery (Irving St between 26th Ave & 27th Ave)

The Hard Wear Store (Irving St @ 25th Ave)

New Step (between 19th Ave & 20th Ave)

On The Run (Irving St between 9th Ave & 8th Ave)

Wishbone (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)

Mollusck Surf Shop (Irving St @ 46th Ave)

Taraval Street Retailers

Noriega Furniture (at 25th)

Great Wall  Hardware (between 28th and 29th)

Belmica’s (between 27th and 28th)

Theme 18 (between 27th and 28th)

Tropical Reef Aquarium (between 27th and 28th)

Wallgreens (at 22nd Ave)

Footprint (between 27th Ave & 28th Ave)

9th Avenue Retailers

Urban Bazaar (between Irving and Judah)

Alaya (on 9th Ave between Irving St & Lincoln Way)

Other Area Retailers

Aqua Surf Shop (2830 Sloat Blvd)

The Animal Connection (Judah St @ 31st Ave)

Retailers We Wish Were Open On Black Friday

The General Store (between 45th Ave & 46th Ave)

Sunset Shapers (Noriega St between 45th Ave & 46th Ave)

SF Knitting Supply (Noriega St between 45th Ave & 46th Ave)

Ocean Cyclery (Ocean Ave between Ashton Ave & Fairfield Way)