The “Official Store” of the Sunset? Maybe, maybe not. We do know that New Step is the place where you can find these. So, if you’re looking for something to get Outie Sun for the holidays, we’ll take one of those blue sweatshirts in a women’s small : )

We heard that those out-of-town holiday shoppers are pretty aggressive but we really had no idea until we got behind this car today on 19th. Would you walk into her Saloon and yell “Bite Me Country Girl”?

We know that many of you celebrating Christmas already have your trees up and decorated. For those of you are more like us and don’t even have a tree yet, we put together a little list of the Christmas tree lots in the neighborhood that we know of. As always if you know of one we’re missing or have more info about a lot that we posted, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Clancy’s Christmas Trees (7th Ave between Lawton St & Moraga St)

Emerald Forest Christmas Trees (Sloat St @ 19th Ave)

Christmas Trees (Quintara St @ 19th Ave)

Gu’s or Mountain Mama’s Christmas Trees (Moraga St @ Great Highway)

Cole Hardware in Cole Valley (Cole St between Carl St and Parnassus Ave)

For Green Trees

Friends of the Urban Forest and SF Environment Check their website for more details. Order deadline is Friday, December 3rd.

Hope that you have lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from OutieSun!