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According to the San Francisco Fog Cam it’s wet out with a bit of light construction and a frozen bird by the lamp post. Nope, still don’t want to do anything productive today.

UPDATE: The sun’s out, everything’s drying up, and the bird’s no longer frozen.

Contrary to anything you may have heard, size does matter. The big ones last longer.

~ Earthquakes professor, University of Southern California

Quotes like this one can be found posted on the new “Dirty Things My Professors Said” blog on Tumblr. There are quite a few posted quotes that claim to be from San Francisco State professors. I was at SFSU as a student not that long ago and I sure don’t remember a blog like this one existing but then again I was a huge nerd and probably would have never heard about it anyway. Thanks to Naimah for sharing the link.

For those days when it’s hard to tell if it’s just foggy on your block or if it’s the whole neighborhood check out the fog cam