Noriega and Sunset Blvd

Where the Sunset goes to advertise.


This Sunset street has marked off parking spots. At first I thought, “Oh, fancy!” Then I thought,  “Is it even legal to paint on the street?” Either way, these folks just wanted to make sure everyone knows just where the parking spaces end and the driveways begin.

Urban Bazaar just posted this photo to their Facebook page asking for creative suggestions on how to replace their Jasmine bush.

A Craigslist find I posted on another blog got quite a response when published to popular blog Mission Mission today. See the original post below but in the meantime, you tell me, do Sunset neighborhood singles have it better than Mission neighborhood singles? Go here to see the actual postings.

Also spotted at 17th and Lincoln across from this work. Leaves you to wonder if it’s part of the same show.